Research Team

Research Team Overview

Mother with her two young daughters

“I wish sometimes they’d allow me to talk more than they do … They don’t want to hear it … If I would talk about it in a negative way my daughter would not be happy about that. She wants that positive attitude – but let me get it out of my system kind of thing!” —Midlife diagnosed mothers with daughters (Research Participants)

In 2006, Carla L. Fisher, Ph.D. initiated the Mother-Daughter Breast Cancer Research Project to help mothers and daughters enhance their communication in an effort to improve their health and disease prevention. Our research team is comprised of health behavior scientists and practitioners with expertise in disease coping and prevention, health interventions, stress and well-being, women’s health, as well as family communication behavior during illness. These experts have been funded for their research activities at the private, local, and federal levels and are also actively involved in translating the science to health care practice. The team brings an interdisciplinary understanding of health and family interaction and unites a variety of disciplines including health communication, nursing, public health, psychology, counseling, and medical humanities. We are fortunate to have these revered internationally recognized experts working together on our research team.