Funding & Collaboration

Funding & Collaboration Overview

Older mother with her daughter

“When we’re headed into a somewhat unknown time period... Like when we change chemo or when we’re about to have surgery... it was really important for her to have somebody... So just listening to her saying ‘Okay, well I'm really nervous about this’ or whatever.” —A midlife daughter of a diagnosed mother (Research Participant)

The research team is beholden to the many institutions who have contributed to this research by collaborating in various invaluable roles including research design and goal determination, recruitment sites, and data collection and analysis. We thank them for their generous support and assistance for, without it, this research would not be possible.

The Research Team for the Fisher Mother-Daughter Research Project is actively seeking partnerships for future studies and health intervention initiatives to help us expand the value and impact of this research. Our mission is to meet the needs of mothers and daughters, whether that be through ongoing research, the creation of health interventions, or psychosocial services geared toward families. If you or your organization would like to collaborate with us in some manner or is open to participating in research, please fill out the form on the left.