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Mother with Daughter

“She had been reluctant to tell me... I thanked her for protecting me but I said that’s not the way I want to do this... I think that probably set the course for how this whole thing was going to go. She knew at that point I wanted to do this as a peer and as an adult and not to have it be like she was my mom and trying to protect me. I think that would have been way scarier for me.” —A young-adult daughter of a diagnosed mother (Research Participant)

The Fisher Breast Cancer Research Program on Mother-Daughter Communication has explored a spectrum of issues mothers and daughters encounter after one has been diagnosed with breast cancer. These issues attend to a variety of concerns mothers and daughters describe having as they cope and attempt to prevent future disease incidences. Mothers and daughters encounter challenges with how open or private they are with one another, how they aim to support each other, what their needs are in terms of their phase in the life course, and how to talk about topics that are especially difficult.

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